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Apple strudel, apple compote, rum soaked raisins, custard & cinnamon crumble.

Apple strudel is a traditional Viennese strudel, this is traditionally made with apple & raisins wrapped in an elastic dough and baked. We took this idea and flipped it on its head. We have used Bramley and granny smith apples to give a contrast of flavors and textures and the addition of the rum-soaked raisins gives a little kick of alcohol. Paired with the sweet smooth pastry cream and crispy filo it creates a part of textures and flavors in your mouth.


Rum-soaked raisins

250g raisins

75ml dark rum

100ml warm water

Apple compote

500g peeled and chopped apples (equal quantities Bramley and

Granny Smith)

1 lemon, juiced

330kg sugar

75ml apple juice

Pastry cream

500g milk

400g cream

1 vanilla pod

4 egg yolks

160g sugar

80g custard powder/cornflour

Cinnamon crumble

110g Butter

110g Demerara sugar

220g Plain flour

15g cinnamon powder

Filo crisps

6 sheets of filo

100g melted butter

100g icing sugar


Firstly make the apple compote, peel, core, and evenly chop the apples into 2.5cm chunks.

Add the sugar to a pan and place over a high heat to make a caramel. Keep stirring so the caramel doesn't darken too quickly once you have a dark golden caramel add the apples & apple juice, the caramel will start to seize, mix in as best you can and place on a lib and over a low heat. The caramel will start to break back down once this happens and remove the lid. Cook until the apples are tender and the compote is nice and thick. Be sure not to overcook the apples as this will turn the compote into a puree.

Now for the pastry cream, heat the milk, cream & vanilla until just steaming remove from the heat and place the egg yolks, sugar & custard powder into a bowl. Whisk this immediately as the sugar can start to cure the egg if left too long. Temper the warm milk mixture into the eggs by adding one label at a time until whisk constantly. Once half of the warm mix is incorporated add the egg mix back to the pan with the remaining milk. Place back over a low heat and whisk constantly until the mix just boils. It is tempting to do this over a higher heat, the lower and slower you do this the smoother your pastry cream will be. Once the mix boils pass through a fine sieve cover the surface directly with clim film and chill.

While the pastry cream is cooling you can make the rum-soaked raisins, place all the ingredients into a container and cover. Leave for an hour for the raisins to soak in the rum

For the crumble preheat the oven to 180c & line a tray with baking paper. Place all the ingredients into a bowl and rub together between your fingers until you have an even fine crumb. Turn out onto the lined tray & bake @ 180c for 5mins remove from the oven and mix on the tray, repeat these steps until the crumble is dark and golden.

Finally, the filo crisps, preheat the oven to 200c. Line a flat baking tray with baking paper, lay over a sheet of filo, brush with the melted butter then give a good dusting of icing sugar. Repeat these steps placing each layer of filo on top of another. Once you have layered all of the filo place another piece of baking paper over the top and place another flat baking tray on top to keep the filo flat. Bake @ 200c for 8-10 minutes or until the filo is a nice dark golden color and crisp. Break into 8-10cm rough pieces and place them into an airtight container.

To plate

Heat up the apple compote with some of the rum-soaked raisins through by sure to remove as much liquid from the raisins as possible. Gently heat up the pastry cream, only heat this until just warm we don’t want this piping hot. Spoon a generous amount of the pastry cream into the base of a bowl top with a filo crisp then spoon over some apple compote. Add more compote and more filo crisps stacking up. Finish with a good sprinkle of the cinnamon crumble

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